Monday, September 2, 2013

In Which I Introduce Myself

I fear I shall have to use this first blog post as a bit of a confession. I have been scheduled to do my 'intro post' for almost 2 weeks, yet I'm a procrastinator and I failed to get this written up ahead of time. The result of this laziness? I'm now quickly scrambling to get this written up. So, learn from me, my friends. Don't ever procrastinate! :-)
   Seriously, though, I did have some computer problems this weekend (Internet down several times) and then I was just simply gone from the house and, therefore, couldn't write.

Well, now that you know I'm a procrastinator, I shall properly introduce myself. As most of you know, my name is Sarah Elizabeth. I have authored one children's book (another coming soon!) this past year. I'm 20 years old, a home school graduate, and living on a cattle ranch with my family in New Mexico.

My different hobbies would include crafting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, film making, costuming, acting in our local drama group, blogging, painting, gardening, playing instruments, and the like.

I have been writing for about 8 years, but never got serious about it until two years ago when I really felt like the Lord was calling me to write children's books. I didn't really like the idea, actually. I procrastinated and didn't get around to doing it until last Fall. That whole ordeal is another story, so I shall have to share it in my next post. However, once I did get my book published, it was quite fun to see how God used it in so many different areas.

Although I have published in the children's story genre, I do enjoy writing in other genres. I just haven't published those... yet! :-) I'm a rather optimistic person and sometimes think that I can do more than I really can... however, I also know that when the Lord is guiding you to do something, you won't fail- unless you choose to disobey and not follow His lead.

What else is there to tell? Hmm... besides writing, I teach fiddle/violin, am currently playing the role of Elizabeth Bennet in ABC Drama's production "Pride and Prejudice", and do quite a bit of cattle rustling. ;-)

I believe that's all that I can think of for this little introduction. However, I'm pleased to be here and am looking forward to all the posts by the other authors here, and also "meeting" all of you wonderful followers! If I've forgotten something that you'd like to know about me, drop a comment in the comment box below and I'll do my best to answer. :-)

God bless and Write on!!


  1. I love this. I envision you running into the room, out of breath, hair falling out of a bun, shoes half on, half off, stuff falling out of a bag you are carrying and you turning on your computer at the same time as sitting down to type. Haha! Thank you for this introduction. I must say, it is nice to know you! ;-D

    1. Haha! Yes, I think that is *almost* what I looked like... only, I think I almost dropped a dish I was in the middle of washing as I suddenly remembered to get in here and post! ;) hehe!!
      Thank you! It's nice to know you, too! =D hehe!!!


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