Thursday, October 17, 2013

Worthwhile Writing

     I am sitting at the desk in my classroom enjoying a few minutes of peace and quiet while my class is out doing P.E. I am supposed to write a blog for Friday's spot on the Word Painter's site, yet, my mind is hopelessly blank. Some days I just do not have it in me to write anything, and on the days that I do, sometimes a little voice inside me says it is not worthwhile writing so why even attempt it?
     To be honest, I am just me. I have no special background of awesome credentials to make my name well known in the world. I struggle as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, you name it, wondering if I am being the best person that I possibly can to those I love. I struggle as a Christian, taking shaky steps in the direction God is leading me, wondering why God continues to want me as a daughter of the King. How can He love me the way that I am, constantly failing, constantly being a human like the next person? Yet He still does.
     I wear my heart on my sleeve. My husband says I am an open book. I see myself as a simple person, someone easy going, most of the time. With this view of myself, I often wonder who am I to write a book or a blog with words that would be worthwhile reading? I am a nobody. I am the girl who was the quiet wall flower who never had anything to say to anyone. I did not think my opinion mattered, nor was I brave enough to come out of my shell to communicate with the people around me. So, as an adult, what do I have to share with the world? Well, God thinks I have something and He presses me to continue on. God does not see me the way I see myself (thank God for that!). He does not view me as a nobody. I am someone special to Him and He has given me a talent. He has placed a love of writing in my heart and does not want me to hide it under a bushel. His desire is for simple me to share the glory of His Name by using the talents He has graciously given to me. My words may not seem like much, but by placing them into His hands and letting Him scatter them to who may need to hear them, I am trusting Him with a very special gift and I know He will never fail me. Even if it only reaches a few people, I pray that my words bless, build up, and encourage exactly those who need them.
     How about you? Do you see yourself as a nobody? Are you afraid of opening up and using your God given talents for Him? Are you afraid of being too simple, scared you might never become a 'somebody'? You already are a somebody to Jesus - let Him take your life, your words, your talents, and use them as He sees fit. Place the entire matter into His hands and let Him guide your mind and hands as you write to make a beautiful masterpiece that glorifies His precious Name. Go ahead and take that first step. With God anything is possible!


  1. You are so right! With God, we can do all! He can turn ashes into beauty and set prisoners free! And I know that, if He can proclaim liberty to the captives, He can help us in our calling as writers.

  2. Oh my, my friend. I am a perfect exhibit of what you wrote here. I share this struggle to feel that I have something worthwhile to blog, to write, to journal, etc. Just today, I slightly toyed with the idea to just shut down my blog altogether because I don't have anything worthy to say. But thank you for this encouragement--for this example that you're own worthiness and usefulness (in submission and humility to Christ) to God can edify the body...and it has. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Jen, thanks for your post. I am glad the Lord used the blog to help and encourage you. God's timing is perfect. We just need to be His vessel which requires dying to our selves. I pray God uses your blog for His glory. Keep writing and use your God given talents for Him. :)


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