Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Thoughts (and a Giveaway)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I know I should be writing the third part of my publishing journey, but I decided to take a break from that and do something different today. For the last twenty-eight days, I have been posting different things that I am very thankful for this year, and I have enjoyed it a lot. It has made me think back to all that the Lord has done in my life, particularly over the last year, and it never hurts us to look back and see the works that God has done. He is an amazing God, powerful, loving, and always working behind the scenes to perfect us in a way that we cannot understand. He is writing between the lines, so to speak, creating a story with each of our lives, like an author does with the character's in his/her book. Just like we sit down and plan out each step of the journey each character will make in our masterpieces, He is already three chapters ahead of us, writing every line with loving care. I take great comfort in that. He knows the future and has my life in His control. I look ahead to the coming year with fear and trembling, because I do not know what lies ahead for my family. One of my family members is battling cancer, while another has MS and her marriage to my brother is quite rocky. My heart is heavy with the unknowns, but I trust that God knows best and is working behind the scenes, never leaving, always loving and encouraging. And so I write to remember, to build myself up, to remember that God is good, has always been good, and will never change. I write to recall the good times I had as a child, to bring back memories, and pray that I will continue to have a long time with my loved ones on this earth. Write for all it's worth, friends, because words are like pictures, and will always stay close to your heart, bringing a smile to your face, and a warmth to your heart.
     As a Thanksgiving gift, I am giving away the first book in my series, The Orphans of Mordecai's Castle:  The Haven to one person who's name I will draw at the end of next week. All you need to do is comment below with your name, email address (only to use to contact you if you win), and something that you are thankful for this year. Share with others what God has done for you this year and bless others with your good words. God bless you all!


  1. I am so thankful for my family!

    Hope I win!

  2. I'm thankful for Word Painters! :D


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