Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Journey - Part One: Writing the Story

     For me, the easiest part of publishing was writing the actual story. When I was a young girl, I would lay in bed and think out the stories in my mind, always putting myself as the main character who would get into some sort of trouble. It always had a happy ending of course, but most of the time it was some extreme plot line that led to me getting kidnapped or having to deal with some impossible situation and prince charming would come along to save me. Other times it would be a different ending to a movie I had just watched and I would put myself in the heroine's shoes and change it to what I think should have happened. It was from those ideas and day dreams that my written stories began to take shape. 
     Oh for the days when I could lay in bed and be able to plan out my stories! Now, as soon as my head hits the pillow it is dreamland for me. I wish I had that time once again to daydream, but finding the time just to sit down and write, with  my busy family running around demanding my attention, is hard enough. So, I had to make that time to write.
     For my first book, I began writing in 2005. I had four children, my oldest being six years old and my youngest was under one year old. It was during the summer when I began my journey of writing, when the children were playing outside in the kiddie pool. I had my notebook and pencil and thus began the makings of my first book. It was during their naps and in the evenings when I transferred what I had written onto the computer. It took me a year to get that story written, and another year to edit the manuscript, find a publisher, plus save the money to get the final product into my hands.
     I began writing my second book shortly after the first one was published and once again I had to make the time to get what I had in my head onto the paper in front of me. The children were older and growing a little more independent at the time, plus my youngest was out of diapers too, so I wrote furiously during naptime and once again in the evening. If I managed to write even ten minutes I felt like I had accomplished something good that day. I can remember feeling bad about leaving my characters though, because many times I had to walk away from the computer while they were stuck in a situation and I felt like I was abandoning them to a fate unknown. That was how real the people in my mind had become to me. I was the one giving them life and they were depending on me to get them through each step of the way. Hmmm....must be how God wants us to feel about Him, and our daily walk in life, right?
     Once again it took me two years to get my second book finalized and in 2007 I held my newest book in my hands. What an awesome feeling that was! I like to relate the process of writing a book to having a baby. Many of you gals on here are still single and living at home so you do not know what it is like (yet) to have a baby, but birthing a book is very similar. You hold the story to your heart, not sure what the end result will be like, but a feeling of excitement makes you hold your breath in anticipation of what is to come. People ask you questions about it, but you are not ready to share it with the world because it is a secret hidden inside your mind. And finally, when the book is birthed, you can freely share with the world what you held inside you all that time and oh, what a wonderful feeling that is!
     Two years later, we had the funds to redo my first book with the publisher who published my second book, so in 2009 we republished my first book. I will go into details about publishers and editing in the next few weeks that I will be writing, but what a painful part of the journey that was.
     It was not until 2012 that I saw the end of my three part series finished. I determined in my mind that I would have my story written by the end of that summer and though I had started it in the spring, I sat down during that month of August and wrote most of the manuscript in a month. Again, what a feeling of accomplishment it is when you hold your finished manuscript in your hands, praying and hoping your readers will enjoy the story as much as you did writing it.
     As I look back I see that God was working on me in many ways to get to the end results. He's still working on me, rings in my mind. Patience and many tears make up a lot of that journey. Do not be scared of what lies ahead of you. If you have a story then get it onto the paper. That is the first step of your journey and schedule the time to do it, even if it means ten minutes a day. It will get done in God's perfect timing and nothing is ever too late when you are on His schedule. God bless!   


  1. Nice testimony of your writing journey!

  2. Your posts mean a lot to me because I'm a slow-paced writer. It's encouraging to be reminded that the books will get out there with diligence and perseverance!


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