Monday, December 9, 2013

Gifts for the Writer

Finding gifts for the holidays can be really tough- especially for those writers in your life. Why is it so tough, anyway? I mean, what do you get them? Oh sure, pens and a journal are nice, but more than likely, your writer has a billion of those already. :-)

So, being a writer myself, here are a few ideas for that writing genius of yours.

~Chocolate, Cocoa, Coffee gift basket.
   This is a great gift for anybody, really, but writers love it! You know, we do need a little mental boost for our writing time and the above items fit perfectly in that category. Not to mention that it is absolutely perfect for the season. Fill a nice basket with a winter-y cloth napkin or other fun fabric, use some paper confetti to fill in the space, and then go crazy! The fun thing about this gift is that you can buy several small items and not go over your budget. The fillings in the basket can usually cost less than $20. Chocolate, cocoa packs, gift cards to coffee houses, or some ground coffee. Now just arrange it nicely in a basket, and voila! Done! Another fun way to dress this up is to wrap chocolate bars in newspaper (anything with words on it, really). It just adds a bit of charm. :-)

  It almost seems ironic, but books are a great gift for the writer. You really can't be a good writer unless you read lots, so give your writer the opportunity to read! Just make sure its the 'good literature', as in Dickens, Elliot, Gaskell, Austen, etc. Most modern day 'fluff' books are not going to improve writing skills in the least, though they may be a fun read. Books on improving your writing skills are great, too. There are quite a few on the market. Again, wrap in some newspaper or old-looking paper, tie with a cute ribbon and little name card, and bada-bing!

~"Writer Remedies"
   This is one of my favorites, though it takes a little more work. This is a basket filled with items that are just perfect for a writer. First, you'll need chocolate (that is pretty much a given on any sort of basket!). Now, you'll need to wrap it in some plain paper and decorate it with descriptive words for that person (ex: joyful, energetic, sweet, thoughtful, etc). Next, find a cute jar and, if you have some extra creative skills, paint it just a bit to dress it up. Now, to fill the jar, take small blocks and glue other descriptive words on each side (Thesaurus comes in handy at this point!). This is great because when your writer needs a word to describe something, they can easily pull out a few of those blocks and get some ideas. It is truly amazing how that helps get the creative 'juices' flowing... :-) Now, the reason I label this as 'writing remedies' is for this next item. Take another small jar (this one needs to have a good, sealing lid.), and fill it with either their favorite cocoa or tea or coffee. Another cute thing to add is one of those small, hand-held neck massager. Those would really come in handy for anyone who sits at a desk for long periods of time!  Now just be sure to leave plenty of room for any other item you might find that just screams to be added. :-)

~"It's the Small Things"
   There are SO many creative people out in the world who have made some pretty neat little gifts. You can usually find them on There are a bunch of cute little writing things that are just plain adorable. You can find necklaces, bracelets, cute notebooks, pictures, etc. The photos of typewriters or cool shots of open books are actually a super fun gift. They make a great desk decoration and add a bit of vintage charm. :-)

~The DIY Gift
   Since writers tend to be creative folks anyway, here is one other fun gift idea. Get them a could notebooks (carious sizes, but very plain on the front), some scrap-book paper, little 'bobbies' (those cute add-on things), and stamps. Then, give it to your creative writer to decorate a notebook just as they'd like. Or, if you've also got some creativity, go ahead and decorate it for them. I know I mentioned above that they probably have a billion notebooks already, but the reason they do is because "there is always room for one more". :-) I've seen the decorated notebooks around and think they are just adorable! You could also get a pent cup and do the same. Look at some different office supplies and see how you can dress them up.

So there ya go! A few ideas on what to get for that writer of yours. :-) Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!!

Sarah Elizabeth is an author (and still aspiring!), country girl, and creative enthusiast. Besides writing, gift giving is a favorite thing (especially when she can plan and make the details just perfect!). She currently has one Children's Book on the market with another in the works.


  1. Those are such creative ideas!!!

  2. Thank you, everyone! Glad you liked it. :-) It was rather fun to come up with. :-)


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