Saturday, January 11, 2014

My New Year Resolution

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you are all easing into the new year nicely and finding lots of time to read and write. I have not been on here in a few weeks and I wanted to touch base with you. I personally have not had much time to write, and due to a family emergency I went away for a few days because of a situation with my dad. We never know how much time we have left on this earth, nor do we know how much time we have with our loved ones. Make sure you make the most of your time with those you love, and always, always, tell them you love them.
I am glad to say that God was good (isn't He always?) and spared my father, who had not been able to hold anything down for over eight days. We thought we had lost him, but with the power of prayer, he pulled through and is slowly gaining his strength back. We still have the battle of cancer to fight, but I am praying God will see him through this trial also. I do not think there is one family out there who has not been affected by this evil "C" word, whether it is a close family member, or someone they know in their church, work, etc. Pray for those around you, all the time, every where you go.
It was after I visited my grandmother, who also has some health issues, and my heart was very heavy. My family lives five hours away from me and I cannot just up and leave to visit them for a day. My older brother has the burden of helping my dad during this ordeal and it has been hard for him to watch the decline of our dad. On top of that, my brother's wife is struggling with MS and she seems to be going downhill quite quickly. The devil sure has a way of getting his pointy, evil fingers into our lives and breaking us down where we think we cannot stand anymore. As I drove home from my visit, I began praying for my family, especially my brother, that he would not fall under the heavy load on his shoulders. I asked the Lord what I could do to help people who were hurting, and an idea came to me that I thought was very doable. It had to do with writing. I can write. I love to write. I could use my words for good, to encourage, to build up, to edify those around me who were struggling. I could be a light to someone who feels like they are stumbling in the darkness, burdened down by heavy weights that threaten to crush them. So, even though I do not normally make New Year's resolutions, I made one that night. I resolved that I would write 52 letters over the course of the year, (that would be one letter a week) to people who needed a kind word to let them know someone was praying for them. I have done good so far. I have sent out my one letter. :) God gave me the idea for the person He wants me to send a letter to this week. I will write it out Sunday and mail it on Monday. I want to keep this resolution and so I make myself accountable to everyone on here. Never stop praying, and never stop writing. How about you? Do you know someone who might need a kind word in a friendly letter this week?  


  1. A marvelous idea! I have been making a great deal of cards lately, due to a new Cricut. :) So I think I could send one out to someone. Using your God-given talent as a writer to bless others is definitely a good and do-able resolve.

  2. Mrs. Simmons, I'm sorry your Dad has cancer and that he is struggling, I will certainly be praying for him!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on encouragement!

    His Princess,


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