Friday, January 17, 2014

Top 10 Ways to Be an Ornery Author

It seems like authors have been stereotyped (apologies to those who handwrite their drafts... make that stereowritten). If you're feeling ornery about that, here are some tips to help...
  1. Don't be a self-proclaimed coffee addict. (Come on, water fans!!)
  2. Write something in a genre no one else is.
  3. Write a happy story.
  4. Try to avoid words like "dreamer" and "scribbling" in your bio. (Everybody uses those!)
  5. Admit that washing dishes is part of your life.
  6. Make sure your Twitter feed is about more than book sales.
  7. Know the buzzwords used in your genre... and avoid them like the plague!
  8. Have a narrow definition of "epic." (See #7)
  9. Give away lots and lots of free stuff.
  10. Don't be a night-owl.
And on that note, I'm headed to bed!


  1. Me like this. Especially, 6, 8 ,9, and 10

  2. LOVE this, Perry! And LOL for #1 . . . yay, water fans! :-D I'd also add chocolate in that first point-- it's better for you that way, anyway. :-)

  3. Now, excuse me.... I am proud to be a coffee addict! ;)

  4. And I'm almost proud to not be one! :-)

    By the way, Alicia, though I am a totally "random" person, :-) I just wanted to say that I have been reading Word Painters since it started, only haven't commented before. It's really quite helpful and encouraging, and I enjoy it very much! Thanks for going through the effort of starting it!

  5. Glad y'all enjoyed it. ;)
    Alicia, you don't have to be ornery about coffee if you don't feel like it. ;) I'm pretty fond of coffee myself...

  6. @Katie - Heehee. :) I am so happy Word Painters has been a blessing to you. That is our goal! :)

    @Perry - Good for you! I'm glad you like it also! ;)

  7. Hehehehehe!! Oh my! This was quite fun to read. Nice post! Actually some good reminders, too. We don't want to fall into the 'crowd', per se. Stand out! :-) Although, I'm afraid I can't do much about #10... all the rest I'm good with, though. ;-) hah!

    1. Glad it was fun to read! It was terribly fun and ironic to write, especially #10 since I posted this at 11:45pm! ;)


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