Monday, February 3, 2014

Is Self-Publishing for You? The 10 Best things about Self-Publishing

After exploring my reasons for self-publishing, and discussing some things you should know before you do it, it is time to dig into the good stuff. Today I want to share some of the best things about self-publishing.

1. You have control. Unlike traditional publishing, you have complete control over content, cover, promotions, and rights. This can be a lot of work, but it can also keep your book from being changed or used in ways you wouldn’t approve of.

2. No deadlines. Some people work best under pressure, others, it hurts. Although it is a good idea to set goals, when you are self-published, you don’t have anyone breathing down you neck.

3. Direct contact with your readers. Because you have to do just about everything yourself, you get a lot more direct contact with your readers.

4. You lean many skills. Since becoming self-published, I have learned so much about marketing, editing, formatting, and much more. Although some of my skills are still lacking, I am learning so many different aspects that I wouldn’t have learned is someone else was doing if for me.

5. Community connections. Sometimes, it can take a bit, but once you get plugged into the self-publishing community, you will have invaluable resources at your fingertips.

6. Your works aren’t rejected. I don’t write books that will be popular. My stories appeal to a niche market that many publishers aren’t interested it. My books don’t have any have any heavy romance; they are faith and adventure stories. While many publishers wouldn’t publish them because they wouldn’t make money, Self-publishing gets these books to the readers that will like them.

7. Faith can be the center. Some even Christian publishers try to keep the faith elements of a story toned down so more people will like the story. If you self-publish, you can make your faith and values as strong as you like them. They may not make the bestseller list, but they will bless your readers.

8. You can see the results quickly. It takes time publish a good book, but it takes less time with self-publishing. You can write, edit, and publish a book within a few months.

9. You are more motivated. For me at least, knowing that my output directly affects how much a make motivates me to write as much as I can. Every project I undertake, I want to make better than my last one. Being self-published an knowing I have to oversee the entire project motivates me.

10. You answer to God, not a publisher. Without a publisher, you answer directly to God. You can make decisions from everything from the content of your book, to the price based on what you feel God would have you do.

These are 10 of the best thing I have found to self-publishing. However, I want to say one thing before I close. Some of these apply to traditional publishers as well. There are also many different publishers, some of them who are very different from the norm and many that strive to honor God above profit.

Join me next week for the final instalment of this series on making your final decision.      


  1. Thank you for this! I'm self published and often times get the 'oh, you're only self-published' look and sneer from other folks.. Rather discouraging, but it was great getting to read all these and remember *why* I chose self publishing in the first place!!! Can't wait for more posts.. :)

    1. What books have you written? I am always looking for new writers and books

    2. Actually, funny thing... I am 'in line', so to speak, to be interviewed on your blog... but, when I got the questions from you, we hit a super busy time and I never really responded. =P I'm Sarah Elizabeth, wrote the book "On Grandpa's Knee"... yup. =)


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