Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Writing Words: What Drives your Fiction?

Recently, I wrote a post concerning message driven fiction. It started me thinking about my early days or writing. Writers threw around all these terms, words, and acronyms and I had no idea what they meant. Thanks to some friends, some patient teachers, and a willingness to ask silly questions, I finally learned many of them. Today, I would like to start a series to help authors who might not understand some of the things I was confused by.

Early in my writing venture I had a writer ask me what kind of writer I was. I told him what kind of books I wrote and he shook his head. "No, I wanted to know if you're a plot driven writer or a character driven writer." I felt so stupid because I wasn't sure how to respond. Thankfully, I had some veteran writers come along side me and explain to me what it meant.

Character Driven Fiction: The main character and their inner struggles is what keeps your readers turning pages.They might have an adventure or two, or they might never leave their living room, but they propel your story forward. Best for long series or emotional books.

Message Driven Fiction: The topic covered is more important than the characters or plot. Not used often, and often makes for poor fiction. However, it can be used effectively.

Plot Driven Fiction: The adventure is what keeps your readers up past their bedtime.You might have strong characters as well, but the quest, mission, or adventure is what really keeps them reading.

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