Monday, July 28, 2014

My Top Ten Most Influential Authors in my Life: Part 1

I have a theory, and I pretty sure most of you would agree with it. Here it is: The authors we love most, are the ones that influence our writing the most. So for the next two weeks, I would like to share my favorite authors with you and why I love them. You will be able to see what influences me and what I look for in a good book.

1. Elizabeth Camden: If you had told me two years ago that a modern author would claim the number one spot on my list, I would have laughed. There was no way a modern author could be as good as some of the older authors I loved. Elizabeth Camden brings the people and times she writes about to life. She can take a plot or subject I normally dislike reading and make me love it. For example in her book, Into the Whirlwind, there is a love triangle. Most of the time, I hate stories with a love triangle because I either become convinced the main character is incredibly stupid in not realizing the right guy/girl, or I think the whole thing is very unbelievable. However, in her book she not only made the love triangle understandable, but believable.

2. Grace Livingston Hill: If you haven’t heard of this author, that is okay, you are not alone. She was born the day Lincoln was shot, and died in the 1950’s She wrote over 100 books, all of them with happy endings (which was not the fashion of the time). If you read a number of her books, you will see that she does have patterns she follows making her a bit predictable. However, that predictability only adds to the charm of her stories. She was an unashamed Christian, and her books make that very clear. She is one of my biggest inspirations for becoming a writer.

3. Linda Lee Chaikin: I was tired of the same authors I had been reading for years. One day at the library, I went on a quest to find some good books by new authors. One of the books I stumbled on was her Heart of India series. After reading it, I was hooked on Chaikin’s writing. The best word to describe Chaikin’s books is diverse. She has written books set in India and England. She written books set in Medieval Byzantium and in France during World War Two. I love her diversity, and her well researched books.

4. Karen Witemeyer: When I first started seeing Witemeyer’s name around, I assumed she was just another prairie romance writer who wrote typical romances. One of my best friends finally told me that I had to try her. Yes, her books are romances, but they are much more than that.  She has rich, deep characters and spiritual lessons that always touch my heart.

5. Elisabeth Allen: I found the Allen’s Charity’s Diary series by following a string of links. It took me a while to buy my copies, but I am so glad I did. Her books are about girls I can relate to. They aren’t grand adventures; they are engaging tales of everyday life. Not only are the books wholesome, they are very encouraging and spiritually uplifting.
You can read my reviews of her books: Just Like You, No Matter What, For Life and Eternity, and The Abolitionist.

 As this is starting to get long, join me next week for the next part of this post.

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