Monday, August 4, 2014

My Top Ten Most Influential Authors in my Life: Part 2

As I said last week, I am of the opinion that the writers that we admire the most influence us as writers. I talked last week about five of the authors that have inspired me. Now I will complete the list.

6. Alicia Willis: Alicia’s attention to historical detail is inspiring. Her books are never easy or fluffy reads, but they are worth every minute it takes to read them. Her heart for God comes through in her stories. She has also been a personal blessing in my life. She has challenged me in a good way, and is always available to answer questions.

7. J. Grace Pennington: There are few books I have enjoyed reading more this year as I have Pennington’s Firmament books. She is a brilliant sci-fi author who mixed some of my favorite elements from the original StarTrek series with a heavy dose of originality and faith. One of the things I love about her books is that they are mind benders. They don’t have typical messages. The stories are written for believers to get them thinking, and I love them.
You can see my reviews of her books Firmament: Radialloy and Firmament: In His Image.

8. Tracy L. Higley: When I came across a deal to get four of Higley’s books for just the shipping, I jumped at the chance. I loved historical fiction, and I had read some very positive reviews. I do not think I have ever read an author that really makes me feel like I am back in the time period she is writing about as much as does Higley. She so completely immerses her readers in the culture and history of the time, without ever sounding like a textbook, that you just have to stand back in awe. Her characters are each different and each faces unique problems. Each book, no matter when it is set, has a strong message of faith.
You can see my reviews of her books So Shines the Night, Isle if the Shadows, and Guardian of the Flame

9. Chautona Havig: Is another author that I have recently discovered and love. Her stories are about real people and real issues. Her characters have high moral standards, something that is missing from most modern fiction. Most of the characters do some form of courtship; there isn’t a kiss on every page (in fact sometimes there isn’t even one in the whole book), and homeschooling is shown in a positive light.
You can see my reviews of her books Read or Not and Noble Pursuits

10. C.S. Lewis: I do not know how C. S. Lewis did it. When I went to read the Chronicles of Narnia as a young adult I thought they were much longer. C. S. Lewis was, in my mind, the master of tight story telling. I don’t know any other author that can tell a story, set in a culture so completely different from ours, in so few pages, yet you never feel as if you are missing anything. His stories continue not only to inspire me, but draw me closer to God.

Who are some of the authors that most influence you? Make a list and send it to me. I would love to see it.

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