Monday, October 6, 2014

My Journey to Boston

When I started doing research for my latest book, ADifferent Kind of Courage, I knew I wanted to set it in Boston. After all, before the first shots were fired for the American Revolution, Boston was the center for the political struggled that became the early Revolution. I wanted to transport my readers back in time and see Boston as it truly was. I had one problem; I have never been to Boston, or even the state of Massachusetts. How was I supposed to be able to get anything right?
Thankfully God led to some amazing websites, books, and other resources that really helped to discover Boston as it was.
The Map
File:Boston, 1775bsmall1.png
Of course, no trip can be made without a good map. I found a map of Boston in 1775 on Wikipedia which I used to get to navigate the city by.

Written like a traveler’s guide, this book helped me to know exactly what it would look like to sail into Boston harbor, where the best shops were located, and some of the major sites to see. This really helped me get a feel for the city in the time I was writing in.

The Siege of Boston
This little gem of a book I discovered while doing a search on Amazon for books on the American Revolution. It is a free on Kindle and I read it through once and referenced it many times. I really got a great feel for the mood of the people in the city during this time in history as well as the events.

This website has thousands of documents and pictures of things relating of the American Revolution. I spent hours reading on this website to gain a better understanding of the people, and seeing pictures of items that they would have seen.

I really did feel like I got to journey back in time while researching my book. Research can be trying, but it can also be exhilarating.  What resources have helped you make the journey to the place your story is set?


  1. I love resources like the ones you mentioned -- they can really give insight into the geography *and* historical setting of a location.

    Since I write more contemporary fiction than historical, I've found Google maps to be very handy when "traveling" to a different country. Talking to people who live there and listening to traditional music can also really help to set the scene.

    1. I love the idea of using Google maps and listening to the music. I will have to use that on future projects.

  2. You have a great list of suggestions and resources! I use Google Earth when I'm writing contemporary fiction. It's basically like Google maps, only it pictures the landscape as well, and in certain areas (like London), you can zoom in for a "street view" so you really get the feel of being on the road and seeing everything in real space. I did this for my book about England, and by the time I went there for real, I felt in some ways I had already been there.
    I love your research posts!


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