Monday, November 3, 2014

Historical Research: Finding Good Books

When you are getting ready to research a subject, you most likely will want to read a book or two about the time and/or events that surround your story. But how do you find good books? What if you have a small budget for books? Here are some of the best ways to find really good books.

I am a huge fan of this social media site for readers. Unlike a lot of social media sites, this one is very safe, as it is just about reading books. You can easily make new friends by friending people who like the same books you do. You can also read reviews on books and see other books that might relate to that one.

I love Amazon, especially all the free books on Kindle. Many old history books are available for free. There are also great deals on used books here. Reviews are also available, so you can read what other people thought about a book.

Half Price Books is a chain store for used and discounted books. It is a great place to find good deals on books you want. If you don’t have Half Price Books near you, thrift stores and local used book stores work just as well.

Ask your Friends

Yes, the old fashioned way. Asking friends can often lead to great book recommendations. Some of them might even be willing to lend you books so that you can save money that way.

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