Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Get Exposure with GoodReads Giveaways

 Greetings all, John J. Horn here.

GoodReads is a fantastic place for authors to interact with readers and get their books in front of new eyeballs.

One feature I've taken advantage of is GoodReads Giveaways.

What is GoodReads Giveaways?

Use GoodReads' platform and software to easily offer free copies of your books to readers. Just make sure that your book has a page on GoodReads, then select how long you'd like your giveaway to last and how many copies to give away.


There is no charge to run a giveaway on GoodReads. You will need to pay to mail a book to each winner, so that's one thing to think about when deciding how many copies to give away.


1. Lots of people adding your book to their to-read lists. This can significantly boost your credibility when people see hundreds of other people wanting to read your book. Each time I've run a giveaway my to-read list has increased by hundreds.

2. Significant exposure on GoodReads. Your giveaway will be listed in a section with other giveaways and thousands of people will likely see your book cover and title, if nothing else.

3. Reviews from the giveaway winners. Caveat: I don't think anyone who received one of my books via a GoodReads giveaway wrote a review. The downside to the random selection process is that there's no way to make sure that your book goes to someone in your target audience.


1. Offer autographed copies.

2. Agonize over your book description, specifically the first couple of sentences. A short paragraph is all you have to hook readers on the giveaways page. Make it sparkle.

3. Make the beginning of your book description stand out with bold text, italics, caps, or a combination thereof. You probably have less than a second to catch a potential entrant's eyes.

4. You don't need to give away many copies. I stuck with two copies of each title. If someone is going to enter they're probably not going to be turned off by a limited supply.

5. Set your giveaway length for two weeks or shorter. Two of the options to sort giveaways are by recently listed and ending soon. You should see significant engagement in the first couple days, then entries will die down as your giveaway gets buried under others. As your giveaway comes to a close you'll likely see another spike in entries.

Have fun with your giveaway!

John J. Horn is a Christian author from San Antonio, Texas. Learn more about John and his Men of Grit series and sign up for his newsletter at

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  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! I've just been thinking more about GoodReads giveaways, and this was just the info I was looking for.


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