Friday, March 20, 2015

Thwarting Disaster

Fortunately I don’t have any bad news to share with you today on this fine first day of spring (so glad it’s here!), so don’t go screaming and running the other way as you should if confronted by a computer virus threat through an email or internet download. I just wanted to put out a reminder for you that viruses can strike when you least expect.

Save your work.

A little over two weeks ago my parents’ computer was infected and all their emails and documents were corrupted. The computer was saved, but not the files. I shuddered to think of what would have happened if that had been my computer with all my writing and photos on it, and I promptly downloaded my most important work on my laptop to a flashdrive. I hadn’t been keeping up with that very well. I also saved some emails, too. The same night we got my parents’ computer back from the repairman, I got a virus threat, and though it was taken care of, I downloaded the rest of my projects onto the flashdrive, as I considered that losing anything would make me sorry. This threat was a further sign to take saving my writing seriously.

So, I highly encourage you to regularly back up what you write on your computer! You never know when a virus will hit or your machine will conk out and your hours and days of irretrievable hard work will be gone for good.

Has a virus ever eaten up your work-in-progress?

There is a happy ending to this, of sorts, because despite some scares on the cyber-front over the years, my second novel, England Adventure, is now published, praise God! Click here to check it out on You may also like to read more about it on my blog here and here!

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  1. Fortunately that hasn't happened, but I try to keep all my writings backed up. Once I thought something was lost, but my Dad was able to get it off the computer drive. What a relief...I would have had to rewrite a huge chunk of my writing and I hadn't saved it!!

    1. That's good that you're in the habit. It really is something to do often! Glad you had a happy ending to your computer scare. :) That was certainly a relief!

  2. Congrats on your new book, Kelsey!


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