Monday, April 20, 2015

Feed the Hungry

1930s America.

The Great Depression.

We know the history and the terms. Stock market crash, unemployment, failing banks, homelessness, Dust Bowl. Depression.

Survival was the goal of each day. Get food on the table. Live till tomorrow. Work hard. Spend wisely.


Primary sector industries suffered. Jobs were cut back, drought killed crops, and logging and mining floundered. Businesses were in trouble.

It would make sense that people saved every last cent toward food, clothing, and shelter, those basic needs of man. But there was one surprising industry that faltered, picked itself up, and hit a boom from the economic situation.


According to reports, from 60-80 million Americans filled movie theaters every week. And this reveals one more ingredient that we humans consider primal to our survival. Hope.

When everything was crumbling into insecurity, lack, and hardship, folks could pay a nickel for a few hours’ worth of entertainment, investing in a fictional world where adversities were overcome and the hero triumphed. People could forget their sorrows and trials, and live through their favourite actor for a while. The films of the 1930s were made to lift morale . . . and viewers kept coming back for another boost.

Many of us don’t live in Great-Depression circumstances. We have plenty of food, clothing, and shelter. As Christians, our hope comes from the Lord (Ps 62:5-7).

But what about those who don’t look for it from Him? There are many, many people seeking meaning from life, failing to find it, and turning to entertainment for a fix of happiness. They are hungry.

We have in our hands the Bible, the answer to all of life’s questions, the guidance to the One who can satisfy our souls forever. …And we writers find joy in the creativity of communication.

Even if your work is but a seed sown; even if it is but one stepping stone on a journey, you can play a part in leading others to real Hope, true Joy, and lasting satisfaction. Instead of pushing the boundaries of decency, like Hollywood, in pursuit of a stronger dose, you can write stories of real nourishment and edification.

We can ask the Lord to use us, through fictional people, to reach more real people than we’ll ever know.

And to feed the hungry.

Caitlin R. Hedgcock is a Christian author who aspires to use storytelling for God’s glory. She lives with her family in England's picturesque county of Hertfordshire. Visit her website or Facebook page to find out more.


  1. Yes, this is very true! I remember reading about a contemporary Christian author who had a hard time with not getting huge results from her Christian writing. But she realized that even one person was enough to keep writing books that would change someone's life. We never know how one book can make a difference!


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