Wednesday, May 6, 2015


We all have insecurities. 

Authors look confident. To readers, authors look like they have such a glamorous lifestyle. After all, what is more amazing than having published a book and shared it with the world?!
In a way, that is true. God richly blesses authors by allowing them to communicate their feelings in such a special way. But it's not glamorous.

We all have insecurities.

Is my book good enough? Will readers like it? Will it sell? Will it be popular? 

Yep. I have 'em too. Those doubts, questions, and worries. But, every time, God reminds me of one thing. It's not my book. Yes, I am called to do my absolute best and make that book as professional and well-done as is within my ability. Yes, I am to spend as much time on it as necessary. But the goal is to do my best for God, not to make the book sell.

'Cause, if our goal is to be popular, sell lots of books, or please the masses, we probably aren't 100% in God's will. He calls us to be humble. To write the message He gives us. To proclaim His word and principles. Pleasing the masses and being popular generally doesn't fit within the latter callings.

So, the next time you are tempted to be insecure, just remember this: If you have done your best and given your book to God, He can take care of it. The book will reach the people who need it. If you've done your part (which does include a lot of work), God will bless. 

And, after all, if we have pleased God, what more can we truly ask?


Alicia A. Willis is a home-school graduate, published author, and avid historian. She is a firm believer in the principle that one can accomplish anything by substantial amounts of prayer and coffee. Visit her at her blog or Facebook to view her historical-fiction novels and all the goings-on between writing. 


  1. Very encouraging post. Thank you!

  2. I needed to hear this, because I've been fighting this kind of insecurity lately. Thank you so much!

    1. Aww, I am glad you enjoyed it! Congrats on your new release, too!


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