Monday, May 11, 2015

Social Media Guide 101: Branding

You have something unique to offer the world with your writing.

If that statement isn’t true, you should consider taking up some other line of work. Identifying what make makes your writing unique can help you find your brand and use that brand to the best advantage. You might write biblical fiction that ties multiple Bible stories together, you might write high sea adventures that teach children moral lessons, or maybe you like to write adventure stories set in imaginary kingdoms.
For creating a brand, you have to start by thinking of what kinds of stories you write. Get a sheet of paper or a Word document and start writing down what your stories are about. So, what is it you write? Got it? Okay, we can move on the next part of branding.

You want to have a slogan or a set of words that you can put into use so that readers can identify you not just by your picture or a book title, but be able to say.

“That is Sarah Holman: Faith, Adventure, Destiny.”

Okay, so maybe they don’t say it out loud, but it is a way for them to pick you and your books out of the published crowd. The next thing you need to do is make a phrase/slogan that describes your work. Like: Bible Stories that Bind; On the Ocean of Faith; Fantasy, Make Believe, Faith.

Once you have a phrase, you need a list of words that might along with that. Why? Because it is time to rewrite your bio to include your brand.

When not reading her Bible, looking for her next story, Polly Prat likes to spend time with her husband (who has very Jewish looking beard) and children, bake flat bread, and reorganize her workspace. She perused her degree in family counseling because she had a desire to bind together what was broken.

See how that captured the words and some of the ideas of her slogan?

Jeremy Smith knows that if can be hard for kids to stay anchored in good values. Even as a home school graduate and an aspiring singer, he has been pulled and tossed by the worlds standards. He wants to share from his experiences to help children navigate through the storms of life.

Key words, again, have been pulled from the ocean theme of his brand.

Katie Johnson grew up reading C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, and then creating her own worlds. It wasn’t much of a surprise when she decided to write some of them down. After receiving her degree in English with a minor in theology, she took up her pen full time, using it to tell stories with a deeper message.

What she read as a child influenced her decision to write fantasy. We showed her faith by pointing out her minor in theology and writing stories with a deeper message.

What are you waiting for? Go start branding!

 Sarah Holman is a not so typical mid-twenties girl: A homeschool graduate, sister to six awesome siblings, and author of five published books and counting. If there is anything adventuresome about her life, it is because she serves a God with a destiny bigger than anything she could have imagined. 


  1. Great post! I'm not sure how to brand my own writing because it is in some ways very diverse. I'll have to think about the similarities between them....

    1. My books are very diverse as well, hence me using three words that show you what the contents of my book are. They have faith, lots of adventure, and often talk about God given purpose or destiny.
      It can take a while, but I am sure that you will come up something that fits you.

    2. Thanks for the encouragement! I believe my book (with more coming) includes family relationships, Biblical values, and ordinary adventures... Although, I hope to write some with more extraordinary adventures later. ; )

  2. Help me out with a slogan--pretty please?!! I can think of exactly what I have to offer that is unique: So far, all my books are based on true stories about animals, geared towards children and young people, and include the message of Salvation. However, I can't think how to make that into a slogan.... (Great post, by the way!)

    1. I would have to think about it for a while to come up with one. As I said, start making up a list of words and phrases that describe your books, often the slogan can be found within. If you still want help, go to my website and the page that says Hire Me to see my branding package.


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