Monday, June 29, 2015

Getting The Word Out (formerly Weekly Word Out)


Hello, Everyone.   
If you did not catch my blog on June 8, that’s okay.  I titled it the Weekly Word Out; then realized that this blog will not post every consecutive week, and that more than one of these a month might get tedious.  Today, we will end June on a Word Out, then I will only put up one Word each month (newly titled Getting A Word Out) and the rest of my blogs that month will be about different angles of writing. 
Today’s Getting A Word Out will focus on all things beautiful. Within the Scripture provided and today’s story, you will find hints to help you build your new word. Once you have come up with your own new word to describe something in your life that is beautiful beyond the just personal definition of the word beautiful to you, post that word in the comments, to share with everyone.
Start today by thinking of some of your favorite things.  Then think of a time when you noticed one of those things and you felt as though your heart were going to burst out of its chest with the emotional overload it caused  within you:  You favorite dessert at a restaurant that had such intense flavor you could not describe it in one word.
My story:  On my birthday, my daughter sent me a picture in text with a Happy Birthday written on it.  (I guess it’s called an e-card.)  My favorite flowers are roses, and (even at 46) I love glittery things.  The card was exquisite for something sent in text.    I was very moved by the card and the gesture.
  This is the word I sent back to her to describe it:  Purdabeautimous.
My spell check and auto correct in the phone had a meltdown!  She called me giggling, asking for the translation, which is:  purdy amazing/beautiful/fabulous.    All of my girls participate with me in this game of making up words.  Not only does it keep life fun, but it keeps the thinkers sharp. 
Taking things around you and designing hybrids and giving them names, and using those words keep us on our toes as writers.  It sharpens the senses, teases the imagination, and tempts our creative side, while continuing to refine our discipline. 
Today’s Scripture; quoted from the King James Version:  John 1:3
All things were made by him; and without him, was not anything made that was made. 
All and everything that we find enjoyment in and that makes us so emotional that we just might burst wide open comes from God.  As we review our writing ideas, attempt to describe something extraordinary in a work, or read someone else’s work with the intent of feeling what they felt in their experience, we need to keep that in mind.   It makes the words come easier, and the emotion will flow to the page.  If you accidentally throw in a made up word; leave it.
The greats have done it all through history. Just take a look at the word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.  (That one is so common now that my spell check just fixed my misspelling of it.)  Who doesn’t use this one now and again?  
Who knows, in this week’s appreciation of beautiful things, you might just coin a word that ends up in the dictionary someday.
Until next time.


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