Monday, June 8, 2015

Our Weekly Word Out

It’s a GREAT day in the Lord!

The birds are dancing in the lawn that is too wet to mow and playing with the squirrels in the yard ponds God has created for us through abundant rains.  The chickens are signaling to me that it is time to come collect eggs and the dogs are telling them to be quiet.  A fox, a horse, and an owl listen to the other animals chatter in great amusement while two mother cats move their kittens that were discovered in the night by the raccoon. 

This is my back yard.  A wonderment of joyous noise and God’s graciousness depicted in living color and activity.  It is also becoming a series  of children's books; hopefully interactive.  The first three are complete.  And I’m so exciterpated! 

Oops!  Sorry, I’m the new kid on the block with a quite diverse set of styles; because I've written for so many different situations.  But the consistency is that I like to create words that fit those situations; like the last word in the previous paragraph.  Exciterpated was one of my first word creations.  It means excited and exasperated all at the same time.

As a youngster, I was the ODD-chick out.  Always had a book in my hands and the next one to read on my mind.  One of my favorites when I was in Junior High (Middle School now-a-days) was called The Secret Language by Ursula Nordstrom in 1972.  I found myself relating to the story as two eight year old outcast girls find friendship at the boarding school they been left in and develop a secret language.  The story is fun, sad, and inspiring all at the same time.   I shared the story with a fellow bus student, who really did not like me when we started talking about it (all because I’d used a word on the bus from the book that caught her attention), but who became my life long best friend.  We  even made up a language of our own, which we still use and add to 32 years (and more) later.

As a writer, I’ve found that, sometimes, my made up words work better in the piece I’m writing than anything I can find in a Dictionary or a Thesaurus.  You’ve had that one piece that you just can’t find the right word for, haven’t you.?  Half way through a poem and the perfect word races across your mind before your fingers can get it to the paper, then you struggle trying to find it again….

That’s when I make one up!  Yep.  I look at the situation, the emotions it invokes, and words that I can click parts and pieces of together, and come up with the perfect word.  (Mind you, I do not throw them into formal writing.  Frustergasted would not go over well with a college professor of psychology, or a judge trying to read a formal statement on surveillance of a parent violating visitation rules.)   But I do use them in poetry and short stories.  

I would like to share my fun writer’s exercise with all of you, and  make this blog a creative challenge to everyone who reads it each week.  I will post a challenge:  an outlined situation, including possible emotions that it may cause one to feel; and a relevant Scripture verse.  Then it will be up to YOU to create a word that fits the situation.  One word.  No definitions will be needed; as the situation posted will act as the definition.   You can do it the easy way; like I do; by combining known words; or you can create a whole, absolutely new one.   Then post the word you came up with in the Comments to this blog. 

Please keep a couple things in mind:  once you share a word, others may think it worthy to use as well; and we want to keep things positive in our word creations. 

Today’s situation:  I have a list of family and friends that don’t have Facebook, or that are too busy daily to check their Facebook accounts and check in with everyone.  Some of them are going through struggles. Others, I just like to let them know I’m thinking of them and praying for them.  I have them in three different text groups, and I send them out a daily greeting.  NOW, they live all over the world, so when I send a group text, some are getting it in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some in the evening.   This was creating a great deal of amusement when I’d send a Good Morning out at 6 am, my time.   So I revised my groupings, then created some new words:  “Mornternoon”, “Morftereven”, and “Aftereven”.   There is still amusement, but not because I don’t know what time of day it is when I send the text to my friends. 

You may use these words in your own personal communications; as I’ve posted them now.  BUT your task is to review your friends/contacts lists and come up with your own unique word that you could send to absolutely everyone in one group text to greet them in a daily salutation.

“Greet one another with an holy kiss. All the saints salute you.”  II Corinthians 13:12 and 13 {KJV}

Have fun, and I can’t wait to see your new words here, in the comments.

Finding fun and blessing in each day’s adventures;

Until next time…

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