Saturday, August 22, 2015

One Worth Following

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One Worth Following
Kenzi Knapp

Can you imagine a writer without a role model? I sure can't. Our role model is the mirror that reveals the truth about where our writing is now and where we hope it to be upon completion. It is our North Star guiding us through the dark seas of the unknown. Considering how much influence our role models have on us, it's vital we choose them carefully.

In my own quest to find an author I can model, I've found only one who single-handedly sums up all I dream for my own pen. The plot of His dramas are so engaging billions around the world can't put His book down. His work has stood the ravages of time and change, yet His words continue to spark violent love and violent hate in the human heart. The characters represent the best and worst of humanity and though their unique story lines span time, space and cultures, every one mingles together in perfect harmony. Most importantly, this book answers mankind's deepest questions with grace and truth. The author: Jesus Christ. His book: the Bible.

Now this is where it's easy for we as Christians to say, “Oh yeah, the Bible. Of course it's the best book.” But is this truly what our actions say? How many Christian publishers advertise writing courses based on the Bible? Where are the believing writers who study the Bible for writing tips as eagerly as they study bestselling authors? This goes beyond weaving scripture and biblical principles in our stories, though I'm an avid advocate of doing those things. But what if we looked to the Bible to also learn HOW to write and craft our stories? Let's take forming personable characters – the make or break factor for so many authors.

Have you ever considered how the Bible makes King David seem so real we feel like we personally know him? His faults and moral failings are told with unflinching truth, yet his heart for God is so vividly revealed, he himself is a role model to many. What an example of a memorable character who still influences thousands around the globe.

Of course, it would be arrogant to say our writing could ever be like the Word of God. Since it is inspired by God it is the anointed sword and lamp that bears power no other book will ever know. But isn't this what role models are all about? Do we follow our favorite authors because we think we can out do them or because we want to be like them. No one is ever going to out do the Bible, but we can strive to learn and imitate it as much as possible. The more I study the Bible as a writer, the more convinced I am that it is the Master Instructor for anyone who desires to write powerfully and effectually. Just think what might happen if we trusted God's Word as our infallible writing guide?

As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him. (Psalm 18:30)

Kenzi Knapp writes about the reconciliation of all things through the blood of Jesus Christ. A homeschool graduate currently enrolled in God's Great Course of Faith, Kenzi lives with her family on an Ozark homestead and can be found writing about life skills for the Christian young woman at her blog,

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