Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Save Time for Writing: Use a Password Manager

Greetings all,

John J. Horn here.

Do either of these scenarios describe you?

1. You use one or two passwords to login to all of your accounts.

2. You constantly forget passwords and have to reset them, wasting valuable time.

I used to fall into both of those camps. No longer!

Today's writing tip is very simple, and it's just one more way to save time so that you can spend more time writing books.

Use a password manager such as LastPass to keep track of all of your passwords.

I'm able to use strong, unique passwords without killing brain cells trying to remember them or constantly wasting time resetting passwords. Between my job and my personal life I have several hundred passwords to keep on top of, so LastPass is literally a lifesaver.

Do you have any quick time-saving tips?

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