Monday, September 28, 2015

Are you writing it down?

Greetings in the Lord, everyone! 
I have a couple of things for you today. 
                     First, I don’t believe I ever properly introduced myself to you and I’ve been  posting here for several months now.
I’m a 45-year-old Christian wife and mother.  I place the word Christian first because my first love and loyalty is my Lord and Savior: in the Holy Trinity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.   My next loyalty is my family. 
My parents claim I was a poet from the time I knew more than ten words that rhyme on.  I know I’ve been writing since I learned to write.  Both of parents have boxes full of things I’ve written that date back further than I can remember; uniquely different types of writing through the decades.  I never realized how much my father enjoyed my writing until he told me a few months ago that he prefers I send him handwritten letters, and handmade cards, over a word letter with my signature or a Hallmark Card.   After God, Daddy is my rock.   
One year ago, the 7th of this month, my first book for publication went into production at Tate Publishing and was released to the market May 22, 2015.  It was a long and tedious process, but now I’m all in.  I’m working to try to get some of my shorter stories into a couple of magazines as a monthly feature.  If that comes together, I’ll share with you which stories and which mags picked them up. 
My husband is the pastor of our church and the evangelist of our church/missions helps ministry.  We came to know Alicia through his work in our ministry, as he preached at a tent meeting in Garcia one Summer. I’m still foggy on how they met, but I’m blessed by their meeting and the friendship we have developed over the internet.    She was/is a huge encouragement through getting my first book published. 
In high school and my first run at college, I wrote for the school publications.  In my careers in secular employment, I've written company training manuals, advertising and marketing material, and press releases and speeches for company leadership. In my service through church and our ministry, I've designed classroom material including bulletin boards and workbooks, written curriculum, written and produced manuals for special events, and handled advertising through all mediums.
There is more I could share, but then I wouldn’t fill the purpose of this blog, and you’d get bored; or know too much about me. ;-)
One last thing I will include with this bio is that I journal.  Some of my best work comes from old journals when I wrote down a day’s events and moved on with life; then was inspired later by something else to use that idea in a poem, short story, or essay.
                                                     That brings me to purpose TWO of today’s blog.
Throughout the Scriptures, people have been instructed to write things down.  Exodus 17:14 {KJV}: And the Lord said unto Moses, Write this for a memorial in a book and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua: for I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven.    
Have you ever considered that the Bible started as a journal? 
After this Scripture, God talks about writing on our hearts, writing events down on tablets, on stones, and in books.  Throughout their journeys, the apostles write letters of instruction in which they describe certain events as examples of what to do and what not to do.  All of these events to be written down, are “written” so that they can be remembered.
What is the purpose of a diary or a journal?  It is to record an event that impacted our lives, or to record thoughts we may have had that were particularly profound, or keep track of prayer requests.  It is our own tracking of our personal histories. 
Take a look at the secular perspective for a second.  How much of the accounting of our own history in History text books, and permanent record, comes from newspapers (a living public journal of current events), magazines (the extension of newspapers), and actual personal journals of important persons in history?  If we did not have those records, what would we know about our own history? 
How many of our great men and women in history were writers at heart?  Any and every one of them who left journals. Even if they never wrote a life-changing college thesis, a set of amazing articles like the Federalist Papers, informative yet anonymous letters equivalent to the Silence Dogood letters, or the longest running publication in American History (The New Hampshire Gazette, founded in 1756), those who left journals with a tracking of the events in their lives, including events of historical magnitude that they witnessed, are great writers.  
                                       So why should writers journal? 
It takes effort to write it down.  It takes thought to put it together.  It engrains that memory somewhere deep within who we are as we write it down.   The journal, as a whole, speaks to who we, as individuals, are; and what we find important. 
You may not be a prophet of God, but your record of how He has worked in your life may affect someone finding your long left behind journal during the Tribulation period.  
You may not be a Betsy Ross or Benjamin Franklin, but your accounting of our current historical events, as you saw them, might just be the final eye witness account to make a difference in how the new history books are written for the next generations. 
But, even if you never want your journals read by someone important enough to use them in those ways, your own life can be affected by what you write in a journal today and rediscover this time next year.  
I’m considering doing a series for this blog on journaling.  If you’re new to the idea and would like to read through a mini-series on the subject; please comment on this post over the next few weeks.  If you’ve been doing it for awhile, but have questions on the subject, put that in a comment.  I’d love to help.  
The first step to remember:  Write it down for a memorial.  
Until next time…

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