Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Release by Daniel Kuehn

We occasionally share new releases by Christian authors here on Word Painters. We were approached by author Daniel Kuehn, author of the newly-released Futurity. I (Alicia) have not read it, but if Christian super hero stories are your thing, be sure to check this out! There was a lot of work and time that went into the making! Enjoy!

"Sixteen year old, Jason Sorn is as ordinary as they come. But his normal life is shattered the moment he’s taken to the hospital.

Now, he’s on the run. The FBI, Police, and a group of terrorists called ANO are hunting him. He has nowhere to go, limited resources, and no one to trust.

But that all changes when he meets the mysterious man named Leon Weston. Leon wants to help but doesn’t say why. And Jason must decide if he should believe him, even if he knows Leon is hiding something.

The days tick by, and ANO has never been so close to finding him. But Jason begins to exhibit supernatural abilities and struggles to stay incognito.

World War III is around the corner. And no one is ready for what is coming, from the future—or the past."

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Daniel has been creating stories since even before he could remember. He's a college student with big dreams. He finished the rough draft of his first manuscript, FUTURITY, when he was fifteen years old. 

Join him on his journey, by reading his debut work FUTURITY, following him on Facebook, Twitter, and his Blog.

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