Friday, January 1, 2016

A Helpful Book...

Happy 2016, everyone! Today I’m reviewing a book I read in December.

You may have already read Jordan Smith’s popular Finding the Core of Your Story; if so, you can probably agree with me that it bears recommending to those who haven’t!

I read this short, addicting book in one morning. With wit and wisdom, Jordan Smith keeps close to his subject, loglines, and explores every facet so his readers can grasp the necessity and more importantly, the how-to, of loglines. A logline is a one-sentence summary of your story. It’s extremely useful—as Smith explains, it’s the perfect answer to the often casual and somehow intimidating question, “What’s your book [or film or play, etc.] about?” You can also use it to gauge whether you’ve stuck to the crux of your story.

Smith gives some formulas and uses plenty of movie logline examples so you can easily turn out your own for any story you’ve written. I was able to come up with one for my WIP while I was reading Smith’s book. It’s fun, even thrilling! If done right, the logline makes your story sound compelling and professional. Smith also explains how you can extend your logline into various types of synopses.

A logline helps both you, the nearsighted narrator, and everyone else, the busy potential readers, to grasp the essence of your story. When you know its essence, you can tell the story in the most effective way possible. And when you have a handy sentence to deliver on cue, whether in person or online, you’ll attract readers.

Check out Finding the Core of Your Story on and Goodreads!
May God bless you in the new year!

Have you ever written a logline for your story?

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