Friday, February 19, 2016

The Ministry of Writing

Sometimes in the midst of the busywork that comes with writing—finding time to write regularly, stressing over the mechanics of word-crafting, learning how to market, navigating social media, and just figuring out what being a writer is—the right perspective gets lost in the jumble. It can happen in any pursuit, not just writing. We naturally lose our way in the mundane. And when that happens, we get stressed and lose our passion, too. Or at least the right kind of passion.

That’s when it’s time for a refocus. I was reminded of this at a recent writers workshop I was blessed to attend—writing is a specific gift God has given me and using it for His glory is a ministry. And when I remember that, it’s so much easier to write, to pray, and to press on with joy! 

No matter how much you write or how big your audience is, your writing is a ministry. Even a loving email to a needy friend is valuable. It’s like living your life in general: the words you say and the deeds you do have an impact. Everything should be done for the honor of our King. Published writing is unique because there’s no telling how many people it can reach!

So the next time you feel discouraged about a small audience, a blog post that gets no comments, a story or article that gets rejected, the hard, unending labor that goes into creating a worthwhile book, remember: Christian writers have a ministry. Your work isn’t in vain. The world needs your encouraging, God-honoring words. That’s why God gave you the ability and desire to write. Make sure that, like your life, it’s subjected to Him, and your well of purpose, passion, and inspiration need never run dry.

Kelsey Bryant is an author, blogger, and copy editor who loves the Lord. She revels in many things: the beauty of God's Word, the music of English, the wonder of nature, the joy of creativity, the freedom of motion, the richness of literature, the intrigue of history ... and much more. To learn more about her, visit her website or blog


  1. Thank you sooo much, Kelsey, for this wonderful reminder! It was a great encouragement to me!

  2. So true!! And your mention of blogposts not getting any comments reminded me how encouraging that can be to writer :))

  3. Amen! Very good, Kelsey!! I try to remember that with all my writings, He gives all the inspiration. I'm just the ready writer. :) Thank you for the encouragement!

  4. Thank you all for your comments! It's a blessing to hear from you and get your encouragement. :)


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