Saturday, May 14, 2016

Under Construction!

Hey, Y'all!

This is Alicia A. Willis. Or Alicia Jones. However you know me... ;) I'm the blog administrator. The one who set this thing up and keeps forgetting to post. Yeah, THAT person. 

I'm just  popping in to say three things.

One: I'm going to, Lord willing, be back over here posting more. Life has finally settled down a wee bit after my marriage, honeymoon, and trip to the Philippines. If you missed out on all that, check out my blog!

Second: This blog is going to be undergoing construction. Our own William Moore (have you checked out his awesome posts lately?) is going to be tweaking this blog and bringing it up to date. No worries - you can still read posts and all that. Just know that you're going through a construction zone.

Third: I'm giving away a copy of Grace Triumphant over on the Fresh Fiction blog. Read my post and enter the giveaway if you are so inclined!

Until next time... Adios!

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