Friday, November 11, 2016

Praying for Authors

Hi all! It's Amanda! This time, it's an article for both writers and readers alike. Cause you know what, behind every published book is a real, flesh-and-blood human with real struggles and needs! (note: I previously published this on my blog, in case you've already seen it)

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When I was younger, I remember looking up to the authors that I knew of. It really didn't matter what genre they wrote, they were impressive.

Then, I became an author. I began talking with others authors. And I realized just how... well, human... authors are. Take any author, and you'll find that they live a similar life to you. Very few authors "just sit and write." They may be wives, mothers, husbands, fathers, brothers, sisters, or single. Most of them have other jobs or ministries, they all have relationship issues (good and bad), daily struggles, heartache, joys, and delights. It's just that they add to this, by also being an author.

The more I dove into the writing field, the more I realized how much I appreciate people praying for me as an author. Authors have a huge responsibility. When we write, we are shaping others' ideas -- for good or for bad. If we are a Christian author, then we are handling God's Word -- and must portray it in unadulterated truth. And, like I indicated earlier, we have people who look up to us. Complete strangers will contact us, not only to let us know they appreciate our work (or find fault with it -- let's be honest ;) ), they will write us to ask for advice and prayers.

Do you think authors needs wisdom? You bet!

Considering all of the above, I started a prayer list for authors. Many of these authors, I personally know. Some of them, I don't know, yet admire. Whether "big or small" (e.g. sellers of 1,000,000 copies or 10), authors need prayers. Temptations are real. Struggles are real. Discouragement is real. And the opportunity to be a strong light for Jesus is real. The best gift you can give to an author is your dedicated prayers.

Here is a sample of my prayer list for authors:

What would you add to that prayer list? How do authors need prayers?


Amanda Tero is a homeschool graduate who desires to provide God-honoring, family-friendly reading material. She has enjoyed writing since before ten years old, but it has only been since 2013 that she began seriously pursuing writing again – starting with some short stories that she wrote for her sisters as a gift. Her mom encouraged her to try selling the stories she published, and since then, she has begun actively writing short stories, novellas, and novels. If something she has written draws an individual into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, it is worth it!


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