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Our mission here at Word Painters is to inspire, encourage, and inform you as a writer. We are born-again Christians and believe our ultimate goal is to bring glory to God for the good of all people. We hope to bring constructive posts that will assist you in your writing process and maybe even answer some of those questions that have always perplexed you.

Are you a traditional author? Then you probably don't need much assistance. Our goal is to bless and encourage you! Are you a self-published author? We aren't here to look down on the fact that you've chosen not to be represented by an agent and huge company. Instead, we will try to help you become the very best self-published author you can be!

Are you just a writer with a heart for scribbling? Or one who desires to someday become published? Then our aim is to help you fulfill your dreams and share the story God has for you! Because, remember, every person has a story. And maybe you are one of those special writers who is called to share that story with the world.

So let's write something!

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